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Mandarin Fish Aquarium aquarium desktop wallpaper
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The Mandarin Fish Aquarium animated wallpapers and screensavers features the Mandarin fish, also known as (Mandarin Dragonet) including
Green Mandarin, Green Dragonet, Striped Mandarin, Striped Dragonet, Psychedelic Mandarin,

Psychedelic Dragonet. They are the most beautiful fish but unfortunately they are very seldom seeing in captivity due to their picky eating habits. And unfortunately, are not recommended for the beginner as they prefer live food and may refuse to eat anything dried, frozen or flaked. They also require specific water requirements. They are very small fish, an adult Mandarin is only about two to two and half inch, but

striking colorful and even though small in size they have very few enemies because no one dare to
touch them because Mandarin Fish secrete a type of mucus, or slime, from their skin. This slime
provides protection against parasites and infections and helps the Mandarin Fish to move through the
water faster and the slime contain toxins which ward off enemy attacks. The small Mandarin fish in the
ocean is similar to the poison dart frogs from the Amazon jungles.
But with this animated wallpaper, we have already taken over the responsibilities of housing and
feeding them, all that is left for you to do is to bring them home, display them right on your
desktop and enjoy their magnificent colors.
In the ocean they live in harmony with other tropical fish such as the Moorish Idols, Tangs, and Angel
Fishes in a crystal clear blue ocean with live soft and colorful hard coral, Achilles Tang, Sea Horses,
Black Clown, yellow Clown, Star fish, Butterfly fish, and Anemone. It is a under tropical ocean
paradise that you normally have to scuba dives to enjoy, but with this animated desktop wallpaper you
can enjoy the treasure of the ocean right on your desktop with crashing sounds of the waves. So let is
enjoy the treasure of the ocean.

Real colorful fish (not 3D draw)

One click option to hide/un-hide icons

Multiple screen setting to meet your personal

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